Seattle Personal Trainer - Kyle Dunham

Client Testimonials

Boris: "As a Medical Doctor, I am impressed with Kyle's commitment to understanding the human body and its response to exercise. My physical self-knowledge and performance have grown tremendously as I've worked with Kyle. His enthusiasm for his work is infectious, and an absolute asset to my training and lifestyle choices."

Lauren: “The thought of working with a personal trainer was intimidating to me at first. But once I started training with Kyle, that hesitation melted away! I was instantly comfortable working with Kyle, and after only a few sessions I could see and feel changes that I would not have been able to achieve on my own. I highly recommend Kyle to anyone who has an interest in seeing a personal trainer.”

Jamie: "Training with Kyle has dramatically improved my lifting. He takes our work together very seriously and always guides me with helpful feedback and useful criticism. He makes sure that I'm executing my lifts properly, and shows me how to improve my technique. Kyle's training has really worked for me!"

  Kyle and Boris

Jeff: “I’ve worked out with Kyle for more than six years now. He keeps my workouts fresh and interesting, and adjusts them accordingly as I progress. The highest compliment I can give anyone is to recommend them and I have enthusiastically referred Kyle to many of my friends and colleagues. His knowledge of the human body and its response to diet and exercise is staggering and constantly evolving.”